Friday, August 15, 2008


I passed the Quant Skills Assessment with a 91 out of 100. I only needed an 80 to pass. This actually wasn't that easy for me...a bunch of people said that it was really easy, but I had to rely on cramming a bit to remember stuff about natural logs and exponents (I know, sad). I still am not super at using the Chain Rule in Calculus...I'm slow, but at least I can do it. I hope business school math isn't too hard!

Monday, August 4, 2008


They finally let me in, confirmed my registration for classes! All i had to do was re-fax them the two forms that I probably mistakenly faxed to the wrong number earlier.

I am almost done with my studying for the Quantitative Skills Assessment. The only thing I have left to study now is Single-Variable Calculus. I'm not too excited about my Accounting class, but I am *very* excited about my Leadership in Organizations class. A lot of times, I find myself thinking that I would be a very effective leader, and other times I am just a regular good team player. Oftentimes, I am frustrated that I cannot demonstrate more leadership skills on the job because it is so hierarchical and I basically do what I'm told. I guess this class will help me in that area, and if I ever get the chance to actually be a manager, to at least have a framework to work from - to work towards excellence.